Lenny Dykstra accused of stealing the mansion

According to the details and reports, the ex-Phillies all-star outfielder Lenny Dykstra got accused on Friday by an LA federal grand jury in a bankruptcy fraud case. It got learnt that the 48-year-old Dykstra got filed for bankruptcy in year 2009. He got charged with removing, ruining and selling the property from his $18.5 million estate.

The reports say that Lenny stole his Sherwood Estates mansion situated in the Thousand Oaks, California. He is also accused of lying to the bankruptcy trustee about who had stripped it and then refused selling the things owned by the bankruptcy mansion.

An attorney from the bankruptcy trustee has made the estimation that the player had stolen or ruined the property worth more than $400,000.

He lied about the things which were placed and installed in the house but he took them and stole.

It was reported that the prosecutors have brought thirteen counts against the player including the bankruptcy fraud, obstacle of justice, hiding the property from the bankruptcy estate and some others.

It was learnt that if Lenny Dykstra was found guilty, he would face around 80 years in jail.

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